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The Group of Companies “Spas-Inform” provides services to private and corporate Clients in Russia and abroad.

    We solve the problems of our Clients very seriously and carefully, each assigned task is being executed with the use of classic Security Risk Management and innovative investigative techniques, taking into consideration the constant updating of the regulatory technical field. In addition, if You unfortunately fell into conflict with the company, our experts are ready to help to resolve the conflict before the trial.

Call us or write to our e-mail address, and we’ll answer all your questions.

Trusting us, you’ll get the maximum of confidentiality and professionalism.

We offer a comprehensive variety of Security and Risk Management services:

  • Personnel pre-employment checks, verification of identity and education, professional qualification, criminal record, property verification, public and social profile, employee loyalty level, conflict of interests;
  • Vetting of the customers and business counterparts, identification of company founders, owners and beneficiaries, court cases and disputes business reputation and legislation compliance, financial data analyses;
  • Wide range of detective services in Moscow and regions across Russian Federation and within CIS;
  • Security audits and inspections;
  • VIP and personnel protection;
  • Guarding of the facilities; 
  • Cargo convoy and cash-in-transit operations;
  • Compliance audits and fraud investigations, investigation of property, data, IP abuse, thefts and property loss and damage;
  • Liaison with the law enforcement authorities and client representation in front of the legislation bodies based on Power of Attorney;
  • Legal support in criminal, administrative, civil cases, provision of qualified lawyers;
  • 24-hour Duty Response Center, on-line consulting and support ;
  • Development and implementation of the counter terror programs, risk and threat evaluation.

If you have a personal or professional problem and you want to get an effective solution, you can rely with confidence on the Group of Companies “Spas-Inform”.

  Download presentation about SPAS-INFORM company here.
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